Kids can sleep anywhere!

ImageAs I sit and watch my little man sleep , I am reminded of a time long ago when I decided to take my nap. My dad and I were out in the woods and he was busy cutting wood for firewood. I must have been really tired because I can remember falling asleep laying on the already cut logs tossed in the wagon ,the sound of his chainsaw acting as a lullaby and the smell of cut wood and gas and oil in my nostrils. I was tired and I felt safe enough and comfortable enough that out I went. Ironic, sometimes, the memories that bring us joy  but that one always does. I’m jealous sometimes of how easily little man falls asleep because I rarely drop off like he does. I close my eyes and my day rolls forward on me, prepared to show everything I forgot to do or didn’t finish or did but somehow not to my satisfaction. Then there are rare days when I could fall asleep in my chair and have!  I do enjoy the nights when I fall asleep fairly quickly and have those wonderful dreams that come just before wakefulness and are remembered, the dreams that energize my imagination or just absolutely leave me feeling so happy that I have a smile on my face all day. Yesterday was distressing on so many levels, the destruction and trauma ,even death that was visited on two counties here that contain a good many family and friends, my prayer is that when they fall asleep, the angels only let them have good dreams so that when they wake ,they feel refreshed and ready to tackle their day!

“Till the storm passes by”

Never has that lyric meant so much to me as it does right now! We here in Acworth , Georgia  are wet and a little shaky but we dodged a bullet today. Unfortunately Adairsville, Georgia didn’t get passed by the storm. That tornado hit and hit hard. The stories coming out of that little town are scary and heartbreaking but they could have been so much worse!  I remember living in Rome and year after year the storms would hit and people would comment on how we lived in “Tornado Alley ” but I didn’t pay it too much attention till the year a tornado put me flat on my face in my backyard. Now, you have to know the back story, I had received a brand new bicycle the previous Christmas so when the storm was being reported on the news, my first thought was to go get my bike and put it in our 3 car garage. My mom had gone back into the trailer we had sitting beside our little house to get her grade book and when she looked out, her first thought was that I was dead. She ran out, grabbed me up and got me into the house and I just started yelling,” The garage, the garage!”! She, thinking I was terrified started reassuring me that we were all okay but I kept saying it so she turned around and where that 3 car garage once stood was nothing. My dad’s Georgia Forestry truck was still parked in its spot but the garage was completely blown away. People in that part of Floyd County are probably still finding tools and things that were hanging on the walls. I told my mom I had headed out the door and I got down the steps and all I remember was the blackness overhead and feeling like the hand of God was shoving me down. Now it could have been the force of the wind but regardless of what it was , getting down that close to the ground saved my life that day . So far, only one life has been lost today but many others have been impacted by the storm in a lot of ways so in the course of your days to come, when life seems overwhelming, take a minute and think of these people and all they are dealing with.

Monday, again?

ImageI know, it’s Monday and my sky overhead does not resemble this picture in any way,shape or form although I wish it did. I am so tired of winter already  and it’s not even halfway through. How do people up North stand it? Here in Georgia, we have a couple of months of less than perfect weather  but usually we escape the snowdrifts up to the second story windows and wind chills below zero. Not sure why the lack of sunshine and warmth is getting to me today but it may be the reports of bad weather on its way and even though it is allegedly supposed to warm up to seventy before all heck break loose, it’s just not enough! I’m a spring and early summer type person. Shorts and flip flops are my wardrobe  of choice even though I more resemble Miss Piggy in them these days than anyone else.  The weather to come is reported to possibly spawn tornadoes and while I welcome the rain  the damaging storms can stay at home. Not that I am fond of cold rain, I much prefer the warm summer showers but as I am not a weather goddess(domestic only!), I have no control over what happens outside. 

       I do have a somewhat humorous tale to regale you with. The other night, my aging and creaking body demanded an epsom salts bath. Being as i was cold anyway, this sounded like heaven to me and I quickly moved to comply. Well in my haste ,I knocked down a full,yes, unopened full bottle of Scope,minty fresh no less and after it hit and demolished my toilet paper roll hanger ,it hit the floor besides the toilet and exploded all over the bathroom floor. I now have a “minty fresh smelling” bathroom  and while that’s okay for the occasional kiss(not that I’ve had any lately!),it is rapidly getting old . Scrubbing and mopping have not removed the smell nor has my favorite Febreze spray managed to knock it out completely but it does help! Oh well, that will teach me to get in a hurry.  . Here’s hoping your Monday goes well and here’s hoping my coffee will kick in soon and the urge to crawl back in bed and do Monday tomorrow will pass!

Morning memories


Lost words dripping like precious pearls from long forgotten memories

Emotions packed away in tissue paper like precious crystal or fragile lace

Hard to remember but impossible to forget

Rays of light hitting misty tears and shimmering rainbows

Oh my tortured memory, may you never forget the joy

While you’re remembering the pain

Brenda E Holmes

The Infernal Block

Oh yes, that menacing monster has invaded my head. I’m writing a children’s story. I used to sit around at church with the kids and make them up right out of my head but now, when i have decided to write them down for posterity, I’m stuck. I happen to be stuck in the edge of the deep dark forest with a bunny rabbit, a possum and ,so far, twin owls and miscellaneous notes and ideas that simply will not congeal into a completely  delightful tale no matter how much I push. I am in awe of writers who set goals of so many words per day, I haven’t found that inside me yet,if i’m not inspired the words just simply won’t come. Perhaps that’s why I will probably never be a published writer and that’s okay but I’d really like to finish this story and the others I have started and put to one side when my muse decides to be stubborn and really cantankerous(the witch!)for myself. I have all these characters running around in my head and ,while I am rather attached to some of them,they simply must be evicted so as to let my imagination refill and repopulate the literary village in my head..

I will take a break from “writer whine” and inform you that I have discovered two very interesting and  very different authors. Keith Robinson,”Island of Fog”, who is a very gifted childrens writer and Jessica Scott, who writes military romances from a soldiers point of view and does it very well so if you’re looking for something new to read, I can highly recommend both

And so, now having done my good deed for the day and vented a little whine, I shall return to “the forest” and the possum (who has very bad breath by the way!) so smile and enjoy life,it only happens once!319_1041402797579_776_n

Our daily chores…again!

There they sit,in the sinks, a days worth of dirty dishes and I know they’re there. My little house isn’t big toughener to escape that fact and I could have done them last night,probably should have but the inclination to be a neat freak never reared its timid head and so there they sit.You may wonder if i’m a slob and my domicile resemble a war zone but it doesn’t. Oh ,there are still toys scattered about after my little man decided the carpet looked too clean  and a basket of clean clothes still needs folded and put away but all in all, it’s   not too messy. It’s just those darn dishes, I love cooking and judging by the size of my posterior, one might surmise I love eating too(and I do!) but the cleaning up afterwards has never been my favorite thing, However, I have a birthday party to attend later and I know I will be way too tired from giving tons of “Grandmama hugs” to care about if my kitchen is clean so, I shall gather up my resolve and gird my loins and once more dear friends, embark upon the neverending  “kitchen clean”!!! Image

Meandering and pondering and ..a poem!



On a day like today,gray and overcast,cold and damp, it’s hard to want to leave one’s house to go out side, much less talk a meandering walk up a path like this one.Here’s where fantasy and having a vibrant and populous imagination can usually help out. Normally looking at pictures like this one I took some years back , can awaken my muse and  allow my imagination to go on journeys and jaunts that lift my spirits and even bring out the warm fuzzies inside on occasion but it’s just not working today. Guess the winter doldrums have set their vicious claws into my psyche and it is going to take some major chocolate or  something similar to cause my smile muscles to work  and to give my frown muscles a rest. 

        I feel the need for warm sunshine and the sights and sounds of the ocean life today, perhaps now is the time to visit it again.

The warm sun beams

Down on my face

The sea gulls cry noisily

Off in the distance

As they dive then soar

The tide rolls in and out,

Taking bits of junk

And bringing back more than it took

Constantly changing the shoreline

Children laugh and scream as they play

In the foamy surf

Advancing bravely into the water

Then noisily retreating as the waves roll in

A radio suddenly blares out as the youthful sun worshipers

Prepare to offer themselves up as sacrifices

To the sun.

A mother calls to her small brood when they venture

Too close for comfort to the deep water

On the horizon, a trawler plows through the blue

Water ,loaded with shrimp and lobster

Warm sand shifts beneath my feet and a cool

Ocean breeze slides across my face

I am in paradise.




Shore Paradise by Brenda E. Holmes



“Sword of Damocles”?

“Cicero  is credited with telling the tale in his Tusculan Disputations. The story is based on a legend about the Syracusan tyrant Dionysius II and the fawning Damocles, who called Dionysius the most fortunate person ever. Dionysius offered him the opportunity to try out his lucky life, and Damocles readily agreed. Amid all the gold and luxuries that Damocles could enjoy, there was a sharp sword hanging from a slender thread (and in imminent danger of dropping) above Damocles’ head. Damocles quickly wished to go back to his less fortunate life.”( , Guide)

   Well, that the story but the phrase has come to mean to me at any rate, a feeling of impending doom or tragedy  and the “proverbial sword seems to be hanging over my head right now. Now I know that some will say oh you’re just depressed but I’m not or some will say you’re just a drama queen wanting attention,trust me, I get plenty of attention and drama is a part of life, because life is messy. One would have to be a control freak of immense proportions to completely weed out drama in their life and I’m just not that much in control of my life, much less of the people around me whose lives intersect with mine on a regular basis and I would never want to be. It would be like the legend of the Dutch boy sticking his finger in the dike to stop one leak, in my case, after all ten fingers and ten toes and one large nose had been utilized, I’d be in big trouble and so would the people around me.  So, here I am and the feeling that something somewhere is just not right in my world just won’t completely go away but until it rears its ugly head, I shall endeavor to carry on and take care of the things I can have an effect on like laundry and dishes and the occasional dirty diaper(little man has produced two so far this morning, Amy says he likes a dry clean canvas for his “art”!) and writing through yet another bout of writer’s block. 

        Well you try tripping into the woods with a bunny rabbit, a possum and twin owls and see what happens to your creative writing streak. For some reason, my idea stream just dried up and I have learned when that happens to me, to drop that project and go on to something else because doggedly plugging away just gets me more and more frustrated and since these stories will ultimately be for my enjoyment(seriously doubt publication will happen),I’ve got time, I can afford to wait it out. perhaps this is a story that needs Spring to happen in order for me to glean inspiration from actually being out in the woods (no, I am not taking those animals into the woods for real,can you see me with a possum??) and there is now this blog to enable me to download my thoughts and inspirations and ….DRAMA.. for some to read and ponder over. Image

Just thought I’d throw in  a picture of Aidan who looks like he has his own”sword” hanging over his head but also because he’s my grandson and he was so cute back then. Smart little guy then and now. Well, I hear my current little man stirring, looks like nap time is over  and it’s back to work!!!


Sticking a toe in the proverbial water

Well here I am, finally, getting a little brave and following some advice a much loved family member gave me. As to whether this new endeavor  shall succeed and perhaps bear positive fruit, who knows? No good deed goes unpunished but nothing ventured, well, you do know the rest of that one! I’m a writer, unpublished ,unfinished but prolific and perhaps never to be published but that’s okay. As long as I finish my works so I can read them from start to finish and get the stories and character out of my musty head where they have been hiding for years, I will be satisfied. I’m prone to long winded monologues and self deprecating  but humorous asides so be prepared if you wander in here by mistake but don’t worry, I haven’t “bitten ” anyone in quite sometime so you’re relatively safe. I may make your eyes roll and your hands to scratch your head  in confusion but these are confusing times so have a seat, put your feet up and let’s “chew the fat!”

Oh, the picture below? That, my dear friends, is me as a small child and shows just exactly how these chubby cheeks(both sets!) got their start. I was born a  work in progress and construction has been ongoing ever since  with some of the heavy work done before I even learned to read and write and most doctors when working on a small female tend to not think about the fact that one day she might want to wear a bikini but since said surgery did save my life, I am most grateful!  Will these missives have a theme or be regular? Beats the heck out of me but I’ll try not to make them boring or too sad since most of us have enough of that in the real world,right?

Speaking of the “real world”, it’s getting  messy out there but people, it’s always been this way, we just didn’t have all this technology that enables us to find out about it as it is happening or sometimes before so calm down, take time to think things through before you leap to judgement or jump on a “bandwagon”, after the leap is not the time to find out you’ve hooked up with a facade , a fake cause and appear foolish in the eyes of your family and friends. Do the right thing, spread kindness and common sense around and enjoy the life you have been so lucky to have because there is always someone much worse off than you! have a good evening and get a good nights rest, life will go on tomorrow!Image