Meandering and pondering and ..a poem!



On a day like today,gray and overcast,cold and damp, it’s hard to want to leave one’s house to go out side, much less talk a meandering walk up a path like this one.Here’s where fantasy and having a vibrant and populous imagination can usually help out. Normally looking at pictures like this one I took some years back , can awaken my muse and  allow my imagination to go on journeys and jaunts that lift my spirits and even bring out the warm fuzzies inside on occasion but it’s just not working today. Guess the winter doldrums have set their vicious claws into my psyche and it is going to take some major chocolate or  something similar to cause my smile muscles to work  and to give my frown muscles a rest. 

        I feel the need for warm sunshine and the sights and sounds of the ocean life today, perhaps now is the time to visit it again.

The warm sun beams

Down on my face

The sea gulls cry noisily

Off in the distance

As they dive then soar

The tide rolls in and out,

Taking bits of junk

And bringing back more than it took

Constantly changing the shoreline

Children laugh and scream as they play

In the foamy surf

Advancing bravely into the water

Then noisily retreating as the waves roll in

A radio suddenly blares out as the youthful sun worshipers

Prepare to offer themselves up as sacrifices

To the sun.

A mother calls to her small brood when they venture

Too close for comfort to the deep water

On the horizon, a trawler plows through the blue

Water ,loaded with shrimp and lobster

Warm sand shifts beneath my feet and a cool

Ocean breeze slides across my face

I am in paradise.




Shore Paradise by Brenda E. Holmes



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