Our daily chores…again!

There they sit,in the sinks, a days worth of dirty dishes and I know they’re there. My little house isn’t big toughener to escape that fact and I could have done them last night,probably should have but the inclination to be a neat freak never reared its timid head and so there they sit.You may wonder if i’m a slob and my domicile resemble a war zone but it doesn’t. Oh ,there are still toys scattered about after my little man decided the carpet looked too clean  and a basket of clean clothes still needs folded and put away but all in all, it’s   not too messy. It’s just those darn dishes, I love cooking and judging by the size of my posterior, one might surmise I love eating too(and I do!) but the cleaning up afterwards has never been my favorite thing, However, I have a birthday party to attend later and I know I will be way too tired from giving tons of “Grandmama hugs” to care about if my kitchen is clean so, I shall gather up my resolve and gird my loins and once more dear friends, embark upon the neverending  “kitchen clean”!!! Image

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