The Infernal Block

Oh yes, that menacing monster has invaded my head. I’m writing a children’s story. I used to sit around at church with the kids and make them up right out of my head but now, when i have decided to write them down for posterity, I’m stuck. I happen to be stuck in the edge of the deep dark forest with a bunny rabbit, a possum and ,so far, twin owls and miscellaneous notes and ideas that simply will not congeal into a completely  delightful tale no matter how much I push. I am in awe of writers who set goals of so many words per day, I haven’t found that inside me yet,if i’m not inspired the words just simply won’t come. Perhaps that’s why I will probably never be a published writer and that’s okay but I’d really like to finish this story and the others I have started and put to one side when my muse decides to be stubborn and really cantankerous(the witch!)for myself. I have all these characters running around in my head and ,while I am rather attached to some of them,they simply must be evicted so as to let my imagination refill and repopulate the literary village in my head..

I will take a break from “writer whine” and inform you that I have discovered two very interesting and  very different authors. Keith Robinson,”Island of Fog”, who is a very gifted childrens writer and Jessica Scott, who writes military romances from a soldiers point of view and does it very well so if you’re looking for something new to read, I can highly recommend both

And so, now having done my good deed for the day and vented a little whine, I shall return to “the forest” and the possum (who has very bad breath by the way!) so smile and enjoy life,it only happens once!319_1041402797579_776_n

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