Monday, again?

ImageI know, it’s Monday and my sky overhead does not resemble this picture in any way,shape or form although I wish it did. I am so tired of winter already  and it’s not even halfway through. How do people up North stand it? Here in Georgia, we have a couple of months of less than perfect weather  but usually we escape the snowdrifts up to the second story windows and wind chills below zero. Not sure why the lack of sunshine and warmth is getting to me today but it may be the reports of bad weather on its way and even though it is allegedly supposed to warm up to seventy before all heck break loose, it’s just not enough! I’m a spring and early summer type person. Shorts and flip flops are my wardrobe  of choice even though I more resemble Miss Piggy in them these days than anyone else.  The weather to come is reported to possibly spawn tornadoes and while I welcome the rain  the damaging storms can stay at home. Not that I am fond of cold rain, I much prefer the warm summer showers but as I am not a weather goddess(domestic only!), I have no control over what happens outside. 

       I do have a somewhat humorous tale to regale you with. The other night, my aging and creaking body demanded an epsom salts bath. Being as i was cold anyway, this sounded like heaven to me and I quickly moved to comply. Well in my haste ,I knocked down a full,yes, unopened full bottle of Scope,minty fresh no less and after it hit and demolished my toilet paper roll hanger ,it hit the floor besides the toilet and exploded all over the bathroom floor. I now have a “minty fresh smelling” bathroom  and while that’s okay for the occasional kiss(not that I’ve had any lately!),it is rapidly getting old . Scrubbing and mopping have not removed the smell nor has my favorite Febreze spray managed to knock it out completely but it does help! Oh well, that will teach me to get in a hurry.  . Here’s hoping your Monday goes well and here’s hoping my coffee will kick in soon and the urge to crawl back in bed and do Monday tomorrow will pass!

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