“Till the storm passes by”

Never has that lyric meant so much to me as it does right now! We here in Acworth , Georgia  are wet and a little shaky but we dodged a bullet today. Unfortunately Adairsville, Georgia didn’t get passed by the storm. That tornado hit and hit hard. The stories coming out of that little town are scary and heartbreaking but they could have been so much worse!  I remember living in Rome and year after year the storms would hit and people would comment on how we lived in “Tornado Alley ” but I didn’t pay it too much attention till the year a tornado put me flat on my face in my backyard. Now, you have to know the back story, I had received a brand new bicycle the previous Christmas so when the storm was being reported on the news, my first thought was to go get my bike and put it in our 3 car garage. My mom had gone back into the trailer we had sitting beside our little house to get her grade book and when she looked out, her first thought was that I was dead. She ran out, grabbed me up and got me into the house and I just started yelling,” The garage, the garage!”! She, thinking I was terrified started reassuring me that we were all okay but I kept saying it so she turned around and where that 3 car garage once stood was nothing. My dad’s Georgia Forestry truck was still parked in its spot but the garage was completely blown away. People in that part of Floyd County are probably still finding tools and things that were hanging on the walls. I told my mom I had headed out the door and I got down the steps and all I remember was the blackness overhead and feeling like the hand of God was shoving me down. Now it could have been the force of the wind but regardless of what it was , getting down that close to the ground saved my life that day . So far, only one life has been lost today but many others have been impacted by the storm in a lot of ways so in the course of your days to come, when life seems overwhelming, take a minute and think of these people and all they are dealing with.

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