Kids can sleep anywhere!

ImageAs I sit and watch my little man sleep , I am reminded of a time long ago when I decided to take my nap. My dad and I were out in the woods and he was busy cutting wood for firewood. I must have been really tired because I can remember falling asleep laying on the already cut logs tossed in the wagon ,the sound of his chainsaw acting as a lullaby and the smell of cut wood and gas and oil in my nostrils. I was tired and I felt safe enough and comfortable enough that out I went. Ironic, sometimes, the memories that bring us joy  but that one always does. I’m jealous sometimes of how easily little man falls asleep because I rarely drop off like he does. I close my eyes and my day rolls forward on me, prepared to show everything I forgot to do or didn’t finish or did but somehow not to my satisfaction. Then there are rare days when I could fall asleep in my chair and have!  I do enjoy the nights when I fall asleep fairly quickly and have those wonderful dreams that come just before wakefulness and are remembered, the dreams that energize my imagination or just absolutely leave me feeling so happy that I have a smile on my face all day. Yesterday was distressing on so many levels, the destruction and trauma ,even death that was visited on two counties here that contain a good many family and friends, my prayer is that when they fall asleep, the angels only let them have good dreams so that when they wake ,they feel refreshed and ready to tackle their day!

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