“Sword of Damocles”?

“Cicero  is credited with telling the tale in his Tusculan Disputations. The story is based on a legend about the Syracusan tyrant Dionysius II and the fawning Damocles, who called Dionysius the most fortunate person ever. Dionysius offered him the opportunity to try out his lucky life, and Damocles readily agreed. Amid all the gold and luxuries that Damocles could enjoy, there was a sharp sword hanging from a slender thread (and in imminent danger of dropping) above Damocles’ head. Damocles quickly wished to go back to his less fortunate life.”( , About.com Guide)

   Well, that the story but the phrase has come to mean to me at any rate, a feeling of impending doom or tragedy  and the “proverbial sword seems to be hanging over my head right now. Now I know that some will say oh you’re just depressed but I’m not or some will say you’re just a drama queen wanting attention,trust me, I get plenty of attention and drama is a part of life, because life is messy. One would have to be a control freak of immense proportions to completely weed out drama in their life and I’m just not that much in control of my life, much less of the people around me whose lives intersect with mine on a regular basis and I would never want to be. It would be like the legend of the Dutch boy sticking his finger in the dike to stop one leak, in my case, after all ten fingers and ten toes and one large nose had been utilized, I’d be in big trouble and so would the people around me.  So, here I am and the feeling that something somewhere is just not right in my world just won’t completely go away but until it rears its ugly head, I shall endeavor to carry on and take care of the things I can have an effect on like laundry and dishes and the occasional dirty diaper(little man has produced two so far this morning, Amy says he likes a dry clean canvas for his “art”!) and writing through yet another bout of writer’s block. 

        Well you try tripping into the woods with a bunny rabbit, a possum and twin owls and see what happens to your creative writing streak. For some reason, my idea stream just dried up and I have learned when that happens to me, to drop that project and go on to something else because doggedly plugging away just gets me more and more frustrated and since these stories will ultimately be for my enjoyment(seriously doubt publication will happen),I’ve got time, I can afford to wait it out. perhaps this is a story that needs Spring to happen in order for me to glean inspiration from actually being out in the woods (no, I am not taking those animals into the woods for real,can you see me with a possum??) and there is now this blog to enable me to download my thoughts and inspirations and ….DRAMA.. for some to read and ponder over. Image

Just thought I’d throw in  a picture of Aidan who looks like he has his own”sword” hanging over his head but also because he’s my grandson and he was so cute back then. Smart little guy then and now. Well, I hear my current little man stirring, looks like nap time is over  and it’s back to work!!!


Sticking a toe in the proverbial water

Well here I am, finally, getting a little brave and following some advice a much loved family member gave me. As to whether this new endeavor  shall succeed and perhaps bear positive fruit, who knows? No good deed goes unpunished but nothing ventured, well, you do know the rest of that one! I’m a writer, unpublished ,unfinished but prolific and perhaps never to be published but that’s okay. As long as I finish my works so I can read them from start to finish and get the stories and character out of my musty head where they have been hiding for years, I will be satisfied. I’m prone to long winded monologues and self deprecating  but humorous asides so be prepared if you wander in here by mistake but don’t worry, I haven’t “bitten ” anyone in quite sometime so you’re relatively safe. I may make your eyes roll and your hands to scratch your head  in confusion but these are confusing times so have a seat, put your feet up and let’s “chew the fat!”

Oh, the picture below? That, my dear friends, is me as a small child and shows just exactly how these chubby cheeks(both sets!) got their start. I was born a  work in progress and construction has been ongoing ever since  with some of the heavy work done before I even learned to read and write and most doctors when working on a small female tend to not think about the fact that one day she might want to wear a bikini but since said surgery did save my life, I am most grateful!  Will these missives have a theme or be regular? Beats the heck out of me but I’ll try not to make them boring or too sad since most of us have enough of that in the real world,right?

Speaking of the “real world”, it’s getting  messy out there but people, it’s always been this way, we just didn’t have all this technology that enables us to find out about it as it is happening or sometimes before so calm down, take time to think things through before you leap to judgement or jump on a “bandwagon”, after the leap is not the time to find out you’ve hooked up with a facade , a fake cause and appear foolish in the eyes of your family and friends. Do the right thing, spread kindness and common sense around and enjoy the life you have been so lucky to have because there is always someone much worse off than you! have a good evening and get a good nights rest, life will go on tomorrow!Image