I keep wanting to get in a raft and float down the creek in this picture. Just step on and arrange my things and drift slowly,taking in the sights and sounds of nature on this particular summer day. Not have to worry about kids or bills or that state of my wardrobe(which is abysmal!) or how empty and quiet it gets here when no one is here but me. Oh , to be back in that day, and those who were inhabiting my world then that are no longer but on that day, they were and if  I could step into the picture,I could pick up my hone and call them and just talk about nothing but just enjoy listening to the sound of their voice. I think that’s the thing that I miss more even ,sometimes, than seeing their faces, the sound and timbre of their voice. The way they pronounced certain words or phrases, the lilt in their tone, I just flat miss hearing them! We save pictures but how many of us save voices or even think to? With the state of cameras these days there are more little videos around but some of us don’t have the latest and the greatest so we have to rely on our memories and ,this morning, I’m looking at pictures and remembering voices.  


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