I seem to be in a mood today, not a bad mood, just inclined to stare into space gathering my thoughts and remembering old memories,daydreaming about things which happened in the past . Normally , this is not a problem but since my little house looked like a tiny whirlwind hit it(and he did his best yesterday!), I have to snap out of it and get my self in gear. They say though, that we ,as human beings, need those daydreams, reveries, whatever label you chose to place upon these incidents , that it makes us much more clearheaded and on the ball. They could have a point, seems to me that just letting the mind drift in reminiscing could bring out important things one has forgotten like how important it is not to get so caught up in your own life that you forget the lives of others(my weakness, I confess!) or where you hid that five dollar bill you were saving for a treat! Maybe ,just maybe ,you could remember that your memories might not be accurate and now might be a good time to talk over those old times with someone else and get their take on it. As for me, well it’s back to the cleaning !



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