The road not taken

Image We’ve all done it, start thinking about your life and say things like,”if I could go back, I’d change this or I’d do that differently or I’d have gone down another road !” What if you went down that other road and when you got to the end ,you found out that just by changing your route that day,you caused an avalanche of catastrophe because you were in another area ? This scenario begs the question of just how important such a little thing as picking the very road you turn your car onto can affect the world around you. Phrases such as “being in the wrong place at the right time or being in the right place at the wrong time”  are said all the time but they really do mean something. By being at one aunts house one summer instead of the other , things happened which were traumatic at the time but they led to other things which ,in the end, brought me and my family a great deal of love and joy so, I guess I should quit worrying about the road I didn’t go on and be glad I made it to  the road I currently am on!


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