Is Spring ever coming?

Image I feel the need for spring today,perhaps because yesterday was so like spring and today is not. it’s back to being cold ,wet and rainy  and my spirits today mimic the weather. I am not in any stretch of the word , a cold weather type person. Snow is pretty but I much prefer it to keep its self way up north and never cross the Mason-Dixon line. I believe my ancestors were not cold weather people either  since the minute their feet hit the shores of New York, they skedaddled down to the Carolinas and points south! I love bright sunshine and warm breezes , fresh shimmering green tress and a rainbow of spring flowers bring smiles to my face every time I go outside during that glorious growing season called Spring!My logical self knows we need all four seasons and indeed, if we don’t have a harsh enough winter down here, the bugs eat us and our crops alive come summer but I don’t have to like it, just accept it.I guess I just need to get out more and keep putting one foot in front of the other and soon, when I look up, I’ll see the robins and know that Old Man Winter has  gone on vacation and Lovely Lady Spring has come to warm us all up and give us hope of renewal(oh hurry up woman!!)


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