Terrific tuesday!

ImageYes, it’s me so long ago and just look at how happy I am,sort of like today. Not really sure why because Monday was so stressful but who cares,I feel good,got my coffee,dishwasher is busy,laundry is going and the baby is being extra cute this morning. I may even traipse on over to the edge of the forest this morning and see what Penelope Possum and Caboose Bunne and the twins are up to. Perhaps the block is lifting and they can finally have their adventure , I hope so,it is rough being in a “holding pattern”! Sometimes, I think we get ourselves in the same fix,just waiting for something to happen so we can move on when we need to make things happen to break the inertia. So, enjoy the day and take joy from the small things ,they really do matter!


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