48 hours all to my self?

ImageDo I really have two whole days to myself? Well, maybe but in those forty eight hours, I have to perform certain tasks such as laundry and cleaning  and ,perhaps writing, that will consume those precious hours like a ravenous beast. Even my dreams stole a few minutes this morning and caused me to awaken quite before I was ready, not due to them being nightmares  but because my subconscious recognized the need to wake up and straighten up my abode and accomplish something so that when Monday comes, I will feel like I didn’t squander my time off with something so time consuming as extra slumber. The dream itself was actually quite entertaining and I really didn’t want to wake up because my dream had me ultimately in the position I want which is taking care of a lot of people under “my” roof. The roof in question in the dream was a huge old house of which my domicile was the top floor but it was built against a mountain which curved around the house to give the illusion that my rooms were the only building there. In the dream , I grow tired of unexplained utility bills which the landlord shrugs off with explanations of drafts and “It’s just always been that way!” so I decide to explore the “storage room” underneath  which is packed with junk, only to find other rooms and other floors beneath . These “rooms” and floors I come to find, have other people living in them who are also paying the exorbitant bills and indeed ,didn’t know that I lived above. Odd thing, a friend from my past ends up being one of the first couple I find and they are living right under me,Freud would have a field day with this dream but we all decide to clean up the mess and work on weatherproofing the house so we can have a better life living in this house. Not a collective type situation because I am still paying the bulk of the bills but  that bulk does get reduced because I’m not paying to heat or cool the outside air and neither or they. I wish i knew the end of the dream because the landlord had just shown up and we were discussing the strange and convoluted history of this unique house when as I said earlier,my subconscious woke me up! Oh well,  it was time, and so far, I have stripped the baby’s bed and play pen and picked up most of his toys in preparation to vacuum  and would still be doing such but my Muse reminded me that I promised to write something somewhere today and so I am. My nose is reminding me that I promised it to shower and my tummy needs sustenance  so enjoy your weekend and make the most of it like I plan to do!

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