Pondering possibilities

ImagePerhaps , just perhaps sometimes, people are placed in our pathways to make us think or amuse us or just add an element of possibility at a moment when we can’t see beyond the end of our own noses, the infinite world out in front of us. We’re on a journey through life and for the most  part, we’re solitary travelers even in crowds of people but sometimes we connect with someone and we have a hand to help us over the hurdles our journey puts in our path. Some of us are lucky and wise enough to hold on to that person with all their heart and the journey becomes much less lonely but ,in my case, I am still looking for my travel partner. Someone asked me if I could go anywhere in the world i wanted ,would I go by myself and I said no. To me, seeing a new place or a wonderful sight, calls for a companion to turn to and say ,” Isn’t that amazing?” or ” How beautiful that is!” and sharing the treasure with another person. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy some time spent being solitary but as fascinating as I may think I am, even Me gets bored with Myself and I from time to time.Opening oneself up to a possibility of a relationship means taking a chance on getting hurt and once you have been, doing it again is petrifying . I hear over and over how people once they started loving being single, found their true love ,well, if they truly loved being single, they wouldn’t have loved being with a partner again, now would they? Do I have the answers to my questions, not really but I am pondering the possibilities.

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