Oh, to be beside the sea

silver waves I bet you thought this would be another poem or cute beginning to another story but alas, it is only a “Whine” with very little cheese to be seen. I have fallen victim to the “Incredible Creeping Crud” aka a bad cold and since my Muse who is also stricken refuses to rise from her imaginary sick bed(muses are fictional people, get real!) , this is a creative as my ordinary fevered mind can come up with. As I hack and moan and groan and wipe my nose (thank you Kleenex!) , my ability to … uh,… see, how dry I am of literary genius right now.? Oh to be beside the silver sea and   sit my weary body down in the ocean and …oh heck, I’ll be back later when I am well and that imaginary Muse starts doing her job again!

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