Ripples in the water

ImageIsn’t it fascinating how ripples in a body of water work? This was an inlet so it wasn’t a pond or contained body of water and caused by the wind ,not a rock or pebble tossed in , but it is still ripples. I am constantly amazed by people in this world of ours who do not grasp the simple concept of ripples in a pond. They think, ” I can throw this pebble in that pond and it will go straight down and only affect the trajectory it took and the water under it, I don’t have to worry about anything else!” .Those ripples start and grow until the whole pond is affected and the ripples reach the waters edge. A lot of us are guilty of tossing a rock in and walking away thinking it did no harm and it might not have ,till the ripples reached the shore and upset  a fish or frog laying eggs or a kid in a boat caught off guard by the gentle rocking of the boat and falling overboard. Yes,that might be reaching a bit but metaphorically in life, we all do it, I’ve been guilty myself,never setting out to deliberately hurt anyone with my “ripple maker” but harm was done anyway. As humans ,we can’t go through life never tossing a “pebble” but we can try and think about the “ripples” that come from our throw and minimize the negative reactions and encourage the positive ones. ” Don’t get me wrong, I’m not just talking about a careless comment, I’m talking about life in general,everything we do does affect something or someone else. If we strike for a raise  well that money has to come from somewhere,if we vote with our emotions or traditions instead of our minds and common sense ,well,we have to deal with what happens if we’re wrong. I’ve never been able to understand those who have been discriminated against, turning around and doing it to someone else because they know how it feels,why do the same to someone else for that makes you just as bad as the one who originally discriminated against you ! I know, I’m not perfect but  life has taught me as I have gotten older ,that even the wisest among us, tosses a “pebble” without thinking from time to time so now that I have totally confused you, all I’m asking is a little common sense and thinking outside your own little world. True tolerance does not mean that the only good people in your life are the ones who believe precisely as you do and going to extremes in anything usually only leads to disaster! Remember the “ripples” and think as you walk along as to whether or not, that “pebble” really needs to be thrown.

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