Is Spring ever coming?

Image I feel the need for spring today,perhaps because yesterday was so like spring and today is not. it’s back to being cold ,wet and rainy  and my spirits today mimic the weather. I am not in any stretch of the word , a cold weather type person. Snow is pretty but I much prefer it to keep its self way up north and never cross the Mason-Dixon line. I believe my ancestors were not cold weather people either  since the minute their feet hit the shores of New York, they skedaddled down to the Carolinas and points south! I love bright sunshine and warm breezes , fresh shimmering green tress and a rainbow of spring flowers bring smiles to my face every time I go outside during that glorious growing season called Spring!My logical self knows we need all four seasons and indeed, if we don’t have a harsh enough winter down here, the bugs eat us and our crops alive come summer but I don’t have to like it, just accept it.I guess I just need to get out more and keep putting one foot in front of the other and soon, when I look up, I’ll see the robins and know that Old Man Winter has  gone on vacation and Lovely Lady Spring has come to warm us all up and give us hope of renewal(oh hurry up woman!!)

Caboose the stubborn rabbit( a work in progress!0



Caboose was a very stubborn rabbit, the most stubborn in his whole family but it really wasn’t all his fault. He was the youngest in his family, indeed ,in the whole rabbit village,he was the very last born which had always caused the population to treat him like a baby rabbit even though, in his eyes at least, he was all grown up. It was always,” Caboose, don’t go out without your brothers!” or, “Caboose, let me get that for you,you’re too little to do that,let me help you!’ or his personal favorite,”Caboose, you need to grow up and quit acting like a baby!” which always puzzled Caboose as well as making him lose his temper because how could he grow up if every one persisted in treating him like he was a little baby rabbit,still eating liquified lettuce which he actually still liked but he had all his rabbit teeth and could even clean up his very own little warren. It might not be as neat as his brothers but it still looked good. Maybe it would look better if all his toys weren’t piled up in the closet but putting them in neat little rows made no sense to Caboose because he liked them all higgledy-piggledy but his mother still gave him the look when she opened his closet and they all fell out onto the floor!

Caboose wasn’t too fond of his name either and it really wasn’t his real name, that was Cabot Wallingford Bunne but since he was the youngest and the smallest and was always trailing along at the end of the line,his bunny brothers started calling him Caboose and that was that! His oldest brother Bert,short for Bertram who really loved his baby brother, would always tell Caboose, when he started getting upset about the teasing about his nickname, how important the caboose was to the “family train” and how sometimes,being the last to reach the destination meant you got to enjoy the trip longer which never failed to make Caboose feel better. Being at the end and the last sometimes meant getting the biggest rewards like the end of the bread loaf which was his absolute favorite thing because his mama made bread from scratch and sliced as they needed it so ,sometimes the end was the biggest piece and besides, his Granddaddy Jeremiah always told him the end was the best because it had all the vitamins in it to make him fast and being a fast bunny was sometimes a very good thing. Today it was good because ,even though he had been given very clear instructions not to go into the woods at the end of the clearing, he was going!

After all, he was very fast and very brave and he was so tired of being told not to do anything,they acted like all he was ,was just a big baby and he most certainly was not! The woods were dark and mysterious and very interesting and to a very small and stubborn young bunny rabbit boy, that was more tempting than a whole bunch of carrots, which were his second favorite food!

A cool breeze ruffled the treetops and sounded like an invitation to come on inside so Caboose hopped closer to the edge of the forest and stopped,suddenly nervous and wondering if this really was such a good idea and then the morning’s events came back to him and he could hear Delilah his older sister by five years telling him to stay close by because he was too little and he might get lost and off he hopped.

The coolness of the forest and the dim light slowed him down a little as he entered the dark confines of the woods. Strange noises and smells unsettled him a little but he was a very stubborn rabbit and this was his adventure so on he went,even though his paws trembled just a little and his nose was twitching like crazy and his right ear ,which always bent to the right and quivered when he was doing something he knew he shouldn’t, was vibrating like crazy!! A pine cone fell right beside him and he jumped a foot high!

“Ha ha, you almost jumped right out of your skin Caboose,you silly bunny!” Penelope Possum giggled loudly from her upside down perch on the tree branch right above his head. “Did you think it was the big bad wolf going to eat you for his supper?


Caboose liked his forest friends and most of the time he had a lot of fun playing with Penelope but this was one time he wished she’d been hanging somewhere else. His little bunny heart was still beating a mile a minute and he just knew if he told her where he was going, and didn’t let her go too, she’d run tell on him and that would be that! No brave adventure, no exciting tales to tell, just a stern lecture and a sore tail and more boring chores to do to keep him out of trouble so, what to do?Penelope was the youngest in her family too and sometimes she really understood his feelings because she too received the same treatment simply because she was so little so ,maybe,just maybe she might go along with what he wanted to do and they could both have fun exploring in the big dark forest! Not to mention, her eyes worked even better in the dim light of the overgrown forest floor!

The road not taken

Image We’ve all done it, start thinking about your life and say things like,”if I could go back, I’d change this or I’d do that differently or I’d have gone down another road !” What if you went down that other road and when you got to the end ,you found out that just by changing your route that day,you caused an avalanche of catastrophe because you were in another area ? This scenario begs the question of just how important such a little thing as picking the very road you turn your car onto can affect the world around you. Phrases such as “being in the wrong place at the right time or being in the right place at the wrong time”  are said all the time but they really do mean something. By being at one aunts house one summer instead of the other , things happened which were traumatic at the time but they led to other things which ,in the end, brought me and my family a great deal of love and joy so, I guess I should quit worrying about the road I didn’t go on and be glad I made it to  the road I currently am on!



          I seem to be in a mood today, not a bad mood, just inclined to stare into space gathering my thoughts and remembering old memories,daydreaming about things which happened in the past . Normally , this is not a problem but since my little house looked like a tiny whirlwind hit it(and he did his best yesterday!), I have to snap out of it and get my self in gear. They say though, that we ,as human beings, need those daydreams, reveries, whatever label you chose to place upon these incidents , that it makes us much more clearheaded and on the ball. They could have a point, seems to me that just letting the mind drift in reminiscing could bring out important things one has forgotten like how important it is not to get so caught up in your own life that you forget the lives of others(my weakness, I confess!) or where you hid that five dollar bill you were saving for a treat! Maybe ,just maybe ,you could remember that your memories might not be accurate and now might be a good time to talk over those old times with someone else and get their take on it. As for me, well it’s back to the cleaning !




       I keep wanting to get in a raft and float down the creek in this picture. Just step on and arrange my things and drift slowly,taking in the sights and sounds of nature on this particular summer day. Not have to worry about kids or bills or that state of my wardrobe(which is abysmal!) or how empty and quiet it gets here when no one is here but me. Oh , to be back in that day, and those who were inhabiting my world then that are no longer but on that day, they were and if  I could step into the picture,I could pick up my hone and call them and just talk about nothing but just enjoy listening to the sound of their voice. I think that’s the thing that I miss more even ,sometimes, than seeing their faces, the sound and timbre of their voice. The way they pronounced certain words or phrases, the lilt in their tone, I just flat miss hearing them! We save pictures but how many of us save voices or even think to? With the state of cameras these days there are more little videos around but some of us don’t have the latest and the greatest so we have to rely on our memories and ,this morning, I’m looking at pictures and remembering voices.