The sight of angels

 ImageNot that I am an expert of how angels see, (my guardian angel’s eyes are all too frequently crossed in either fear or exasperation but take heart oh winged one,I have in on good authority, you’re due for a transfer… to D.C. hehehe!) but this particular picture taken by my extremely talented cousin Marc Terry, makes me think that my granddaughter Madelyn might just be looking at one. Regardless of one’s own religious beliefs or lack thereof, her face shows perfect peace and awe  and she is looking past the face of my very much loved and missed Aunt Julia or Aunt Katherine as I called her and will till I pass from this current plane of existence to the next. She is looking at something in her newborn eyes that calms her and leaves her knowing that she is safe and very much loved just like the woman holding her, whose face  reflects joy and love and a determination to take the best and most joyous things with  her when she goes.Would that we could all take that view  and smile in the face of great pain and certain knowledge that we would not pass this particular way again but most of us don’t and I am just as guilty as the rest of humankind of falling far short of being the best person I can be and looking with “the sight of angels”!

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