What do you see?

ImageYes, when you look at this particular picture, what do you see? I know what it is a picture of because I am the one who  took the picture but some might look at it and only see the railroad ties and some look and only see the rail itself. Want to know what I see when I look at it? Look closely and slowly,do you see the dragonfly sitting there,resting on something before making its way to somewhere else? It’s a blue that unfortunately my camera and my level of photographic talent really failed to capture but I assure you it was eye catching and I had to have a picture of it to capture a momentary dot of beautiful  blue color ,resting on a silver rail. I could have missed it that day, rushing to take pictures of bigger and what I thought were better things, I could have failed to look deeper into what was right before my eyes,only reacting to the most obvious things like the big silver top of the rails, the mottled brown of the ties, the light gray and rusty gravel rocks lining the inside and outside and underneath of the track but I took a moment or two and saw something more,something unexpected but quite exquisite and small.  Life is like that sometimes and even the most “enlightened and educated” among us can fail to see something so small and precious sitting right there in front of us . I am just as guilty of this as are others for the most part but pictures like this give me hope ,that every once in a while, I do see beyond the obvious and I actually reap the benefit of seeing the smaller detail.


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