Searching upstream

ImageI am a writer, perhaps, according to some, not very good but a writer none the less. I also dabble in photography and art and have been known to sing and crochet the odd blanket or two.I do not profess myself to be expert in any of these disciplines but I feel the creative urge from time to time and these are ways to indulge without ,usually upsetting someone. Well, you would think so, but ,silly me, I forgot about critics. Now, I am not published so why should I be dealing with critics? Amazing isn’t it that the critics who can be so cruel sometimes are one’s fellow artists and writers? After all when someone who doesn’t begin to know how to write a poem or short story or pick up a camera and take a photograph that makes one want to walk into the scene and spend some time, criticizes the work, one can toss that off as possible jealousy or not truly appreciating artistic vision but when it is a friend who derides and denigrates the work,even when it has been stated that it’s not your “Mona Lisa” work by any means but is being used to make a point and indeed,said criticism even cast aspersions on that,well,that, this writer just can’t let go of yet.  As the character “Yoda” might say, ” Venting, am I!”  By the way, I took the above photo with my camera and I rather like it. It does make me want to step into a boat and explore further up the stream to see what else is there just like the first chapter or first page of a really good book should make one want to read further to find out the rest of the story and that’s how I feel. perhaps now, that I have gotten this last little bit of “rant” out of my system, I can get back in the woods and see what my twin owls and that stubborn rabbit and the irrepressible possum have been up to and maybe see if anybody else has decided to join this plucky bunch. If not ,there is always ,in my WIP files, something to work on while I struggle through.

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