Spring is fixing to be “Sprung”!

ImageAnd I know someone will ,given my title, feel compelled to point out the obvious fact that the flowers pictured are summer flowers and not spring,trust me, I know but I am trying to only use pictures that I personally have taken and have both the original negatives and prints . The point I am laboring to  bring forth, is that after a long, tedious and somewhat painful winter, the newness and rebirth of Spring is upon us. The red breasted robins are busy building a nest at the top of my window and the squirrel, I’ll call him “Chipper”, has taken to coming as close as he can get to the window and giving me the “So, where are my nuts,female human?!!” and I am working on that . My daughter exclaimed over the bird clinging to the window screen as being so cute til I pointed out that the avian visitor was basically showing us its posterior which, in my eyes, nullified the cuteness factor. My absolute favorite thing about the beginning of spring is the soft ,new greens of the emerging leaves. The weeping willow in particular ,always catches my eye with its fragile new green leaves and graceful flowing movements in the spring breezes. As I grow older, with each passing year, spring becomes more and more important to me for each successive winter takes more and more from my spirit which then needs more and more renewal from the promised spring. This will be my 51st spring and I mean to enjoy each and every day of it in one way or another and to those who would denigrate and deride my love of spring,may your winter never cease until you can understand just why my soul needs the blessed renewal of spring!

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