Looking skyward

ImageIt’s a gray day today. The thunder and lightning and hard rain of last night gave way to a dreary gray day but  blue skies can’t be far behind/ After all, this is March and all my life I’ve heard the expression, “in like a lion, out like a lamb” to describe March weather and I am so hoping it behaves in just such a manner since my birthday is at the end of this month and after a long, hard and cold winter, I am ready for the warm,soft breezes of spring ,along with  the beautiful spring flowers. The tender green leaves of the dogwood outside my front window have poked their way out  and the air outside is filled with birdsong. I even have a fat squirrel who scolds me for not feeding him sunflower seeds like I did last year. My fingers itch to be off to the garden center and be knuckle deep in potting soil but I’m trying to wait till the danger time has been passed. Spring just fills up my winter weary spirit and allows my soul to expand and strengthen.

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