Caboose the Stubborn Rabbit




Brenda E Holmes






                   Caboose was a very stubborn rabbit, the most stubborn in his whole family but it really wasn’t all his fault. He was the youngest in his family, indeed ,in the whole rabbit village,he was the very last born which had always caused the population to treat him like a baby rabbit even though, in his eyes at least, he was all grown up. It was always,” Caboose, don’t go out without your brothers!” or, “Caboose, let me get that for you,you’re too little to do that,let me help you!’ or his personal favorite,”Caboose, you need to grow up and quit acting like a baby!” which always puzzled Caboose as well as making him lose his temper because how could he grow up if every one persisted in treating him like he was a little baby rabbit,still eating liquified lettuce which he actually still liked but he had all his rabbit teeth and could even clean up his very own little warren. It might not be as neat as his brothers but it still looked good. Maybe it would look better if all his toys weren’t piled up in the closet but putting them in neat little rows made no sense to Caboose because he liked them all higgledy-piggledy but his mother still gave him the look when she opened his closet and they all fell out onto the floor!

                       Caboose wasn’t too fond of his name either and it really wasn’t his real name, that was Cabot Wallingford Bunne but since he was the youngest and the smallest and was always trailing along at the end of the line,his bunny brothers started calling him Caboose and that was that! His oldest brother Bert,short for Bertram who really loved his baby brother, would always tell Caboose, when he started getting upset about the teasing about his nickname, how important the caboose was to the “family train” and how sometimes,being the last to reach the destination meant you got to enjoy the trip longer which never failed to make Caboose feel better. Being at the end and the last sometimes meant getting the biggest rewards like the end of the bread loaf which was his absolute favorite thing because his mama made bread from scratch and sliced as they needed it so ,sometimes the end was the biggest piece and besides, his Granddaddy Jeremiah always told him the end was the best because it had all the vitamins in it to make him fast and being a fast bunny was sometimes a very good thing. Today it was good because ,even though he had been given very clear instructions not to go into the woods at the end of the clearing, he was going!

              After all, he was very fast and very brave and he was so tired of being told not to do anything,they acted like all he was ,was just a big baby and he most certainly was not! The woods were dark and mysterious and very interesting and to a very small and stubborn young bunny rabbit boy, that was more tempting than a whole bunch of carrots, which were his second favorite food!

                A cool breeze ruffled the treetops and sounded like an invitation to come on inside so Caboose hopped closer to the edge of the forest and stopped,suddenly nervous and wondering if this really was such a good idea and then the morning’s events came back to him and he could hear Delilah his older sister by five years telling him to stay close by because he was too little and he might get lost and off he hopped.

               The coolness of the forest and the dim light slowed him down a little as he entered the dark confines of the woods. Strange noises and smells unsettled him a little but he was a very stubborn rabbit and this was his adventure so on he went,even though his paws trembled just a little and his nose was twitching like crazy and his right ear ,which always bent to the right and quivered when he was doing something he knew he shouldn’t, was vibrating like crazy!! A pine cone fell right beside him and he jumped a foot high!

                 “Ha ha, you almost jumped right out of your skin Caboose,you silly bunny!” Penelope Possum giggled loudly from her upside down perch on the tree branch right above his head. “Did you think it was the big bad wolf going to eat you for his supper?


             Caboose liked his forest friends and most of the time he had a lot of fun playing with Penelope but this was one time he wished she’d been hanging somewhere else. His little bunny heart was still beating a mile a minute and he just knew if he told her where he was going, and didn’t let her go too, she’d run tell on him and that would be that! No brave adventure, no exciting tales to tell, just a stern lecture and a sore tail and more boring chores to do to keep him out of trouble so, what to do?Penelope was the youngest in her family too and sometimes she really understood his feelings because she too received the same treatment simply because she was so little so ,maybe,just maybe she might go along with what he wanted to do and they could both have fun exploring in the big dark forest! Not to mention, her eyes worked even better in the dim light of the overgrown forest floor!

         Just then, two pair of fluttering wings settled on the tree branch above Penelope and Caboose recognized his friends the Owlyn twins, Aloyisus and Alissa .Suddenly his solo trek and adventure into the  forest had gotten even better for the twins could twist their necks and look behind them so no body could sneak up on them!

        ” What are you two up to ,Caboose? Going to go into the forest? You know they say there’s a big scary monster living in the bushes around the Ancient Oak and he eats small ones like us for breakfast, lunch and dinner and use our bones to pick his big sharp teeth!”        

         Aloysius chittered as he watched Caboose and Penelope’s eyes grow big and round as they contemplated his words. Alissa elbowed him and ,looking down with kind eyes at the two younger animals on the forest floor, spoke softly. ” Don’t listen to Aloys, he’s just pulling your leg, he wouldn’t know if there is a monster because this is our first time in here too but our parents come in here all the time and they’ve never said anything! Do you  mind if we come along with you ?”

        Caboose looked at Penelope and Penelope looked at him and both had the same thought,there is safety in numbers and too, if they did have a great adventure, there would be more witnesses to back them up and ,just maybe, possibly their parents wouldn’t get so mad at them for venturing into the forest!

    Nodding his head, Caboose looked up at the twins and smiled,” That would be great! Any ideas on which way to go next?”

      Aloysius puffed up his chest and ,pointing his wing off to the right, said,” Let’s head towards that little stream running besides the big rock, there’s a path alongside it and that will make it easier for you and Penelope to walk .” He was a bit of a blowhard but it was mainly for show and it covered up a big heart and he really did like the little bunny. 

       The little group of youngsters moved towards the murmuring brook and were soon hopping, ambling and flying down the path beside it. The sounds of the deep dark forest surrounded them but since, this time, Caboose wasn’t alone, the twigs cracking and the sounds of mice and squirrels skittering along didn’t make his fur stand up and his tummy squinch so he was feeling pretty good. Alissa and Penelope were chattering about ….

It”s raining today

Image                                   It’s raining today and the rain has no bright  color but silver and gray but the fresh new green of spring and the occasional spot of color provided by the spring flowers keeps it from being a totally dreary day. Yesterday I sat outside among my parents and grandchildren and oldest child and enjoyed the river fabric of time. Curious phrase,”river fabric of time” , I concede  but it did seem to fit yesterday for time was flowing like a river but since we humans are not molecules of liquid gas like water, something more solid like fabric would serve as well to describe our grouping and actions of the day. The breeze was cool but felt comforting on the skin, the sounds of the kids playing as well as the timbre of my mother and father’s voices felt like the soft weave of ones favorite blanket or robe. A well woven weave will not only bring comfort to the body but will stand up to the passage of time and serve as a reminder that once we were here and so goes a well woven family. Not perfect, sometimes knotty but on the whole ,quite comforting especially during the worst of times . My “weave ” has its “flaws and knots” but the love that has been handwoven into it keeps it strong and will hopefully be the legacy left behind when the “fabric” has long been rotted away .Stone monuments may fall but love lasts forever .

” well, you see, it was like this…”

ImageAnd he might have been telling a tale or maybe he was just being super cute that day.Even I can’t remember precisely what prompted this pose  but it really doesn’t matter in the long run. It’s the hands on the hips, the tilt of his body and the expression on his face that warm my heart and make realize that life, as messy and painful and stressful as it has been for some lately ,is still pretty good. Some , may roll their eyes or huff and puff about how wrong I am and make no mistake, the events of last week affected me greatly, especially my sleep patterns but it’s not the first bad week in history, it’s not the even the first bad week since the beginning of time. Doesn’t take away from the overwhelming horror of the victims of the tragedy and the surviving members of their families but they are not the first. Someone once made the statement about how history was as dry as dust. Really? Seriously? Dry? Obviously this person either never had a really good history teacher or neglected to do a little investigation into their own family’s history or even read a few non fiction books because pretty much all those historic figures we read about in class ,still have family members living today and I find that fascinating. My little guy above can trace his background a long ways back and probably find a few quirky ancestors and interesting tales and ,of course, some heartbreaking ones as well. That is the way life is,it’s messy and one can pass all the laws and rules and prohibitions one wants but since we’re human,at least most of us are, things happen. The thing to remember ,and this so applies to me as well, is to overcome the bad, remember the good and celebrate the joy . Oh yes, and sometimes, just don’t take yourself too seriously,smile and remember moments like these.

Lost words

Lost words dripping like precious pearls from long forgotten memories
Emotions packed away in tissue paper like precious crystal or fragile lace
Hard to remember but impossible to forget
Rays of light hitting misty tears and shimmering rainbows
Oh my tortured memory, may you never forget the joy
While you’re remembering the painImage

I close my eyes to dream

Image I close my eyes to dream

And dream of possibilities beyond my wildest imagination

Of worlds far beyond what  my eyes can see 

 Or fingertips touch

Fantastic beings made of  light and thought

Whole galaxies whirling through time untouched by hate

Fierce battles fought only in the mind

Leaving open the option of a second thought

I dream of a being far greater than my mind can encompass

And endless time to create and destroy and recreate from the ashes

Oh, the sheer joy of a subconscious mind with no barriers in place to confine or restrict

No unjust man made rules or petty jealousies,to keep down those possibilities

No greed or judgmental tolerance to take away the joy  of creation

Oh to be that child again and  dream of the best that is to come

And not the worst that came


“An it harm none”

Dragging tail today and I shouldn’t be because I went to bed so early last night but I had nightmares all night. No, nothing about the Boston Marathon although my heart is breaking for those people but the one dream I do remember was rather Stephen King-ish . I had met this rather distinguished older gentleman and he had a huge house to rent but was rather picky about who he rented to as the main renter but he allowed you to sublet the other “suites”(huge house!) to whomever you wished. I kept finding these people to rent to but things kept happening to them and towards the end of the dream I realized that every time something bad happened, the house “improved”. Interesting dream ,kind of scary but as regards the very real tragedy of the Boston Marathon yesterday, the best thing we can do is first ,try to insure it never happens again and barring that, that we make something positive come out of it to defeat the pure evil that caused it to happen and make no mistake, whoever is responsible for this is evil! Extremists revel in this kind of horror so remember that the next time you want to think far left or far right. Tell your family and friends you love them (as I do and am doing right now!) and live the best ,most positive life you can …”An it harm none” !

I wrote this  and posted it on my Facebook page and I just can’t quit thinking about the extremes exhibited by this heinous act of terror. I’ve seen too many from both extreme sides  try to excuse this kind of act but the sad fact is, if the negative side of man could be controlled, we would never have war but this sadistic act was not war, it was purely meant to kill and cause terror amongst those who had no idea this horror was going to happen. Trained soldiers are told what might happen on the battlefield, the young child killed yesterday was not so informed ,nor were any of the other runners and innocent bystanders. It’s a nice thought to sing of “Peace on earth, good will towards men” but as long as mankind has been here, we have never had it. I’m not advocating giving up trying to do the right thing but just using common sense about it; I pray justice for those who were killed and hurt by this evil act and I pray complete understanding for the one or ones who are guilty  that they might truly understand what they just did for with that will come mental agony unlike any they have ever felt.Image

I will go a wandering

And I will go a wandering

Along the trails and paths

Beside the meadows and through the forest

Across the deep wide rivers and narrow streams

Into the pleasant valleys and up the mountainside

I will go a wandering 

Beside the endless seas 

 Across the arid desert 

And finally home where I shall wander no moreImage


Life is beautiful ,even when blurry

ImageLife is beautiful, even when ,through my eyes at least, it gets a little blurry at times.Today, the air outside is crisp and clear and sun is shining, the birds singing and all is right with my world. I live for these moments, when life is good and clear and happy because they make the “blurry times” easier to find my way out of. I know some don’t understand me and that’s okay but I’m me and I like me and I do understand why I am like I am. I know the “backstories” to my rants and vents and sometimes, that is all that is needed to open my eyes to the sheer amount of good that surrounds me. I write these things down in order to release them from my soul. Harsh words,anger, secrets grow more powerful hidden away and only lose their power when brought out in the light . Saying something just to hurt or cause sadness is wrong but so is allowing a hurt to fester and grow when open, honest discussion can lance it and heal the pain.Misunderstandings are a part of life but if we talk about them, we can fix the wrong and reap the reward of understanding. I had someone I loved very much think that I was mad at them because I hadn’t called them  but it wasn’t anger, it was almost overwhelming sadness  because I knew what was coming and didn’t want to share my pain and cause more but I did anyway because I wasn’t open and honest. We are human and prone to mistakes and sometimes I am so very human but I love  with all my heart.

Pieces…of me…of life

ImageAnd my earlier piece was not sweet but isn’t it amazing how the love of  a small child and their innocent joy in life can renew one’s spirit and enable the ongoing struggle against the bumps in the road of life? Small children don’t leap to judgement or misunderstandings, they just know they are loved and that rubber piggies are the best toy a “nanny” could buy, especially when they can chew on them! I love my job ,”it” is a daily reminder that although my life isn’t perfect , I do have love and in it’s purest form and all I have to do to get it is to give it

Love- a short poem

ImageI  just want love

Real true love

That stands the test of time

That defeats all the odds against it

That grows stronger with each passing year

And becomes sweeter

That fills my heart to overflowing

And surrounds me with the feeling of safe harbor and home