Life is beautiful ,even when blurry

ImageLife is beautiful, even when ,through my eyes at least, it gets a little blurry at times.Today, the air outside is crisp and clear and sun is shining, the birds singing and all is right with my world. I live for these moments, when life is good and clear and happy because they make the “blurry times” easier to find my way out of. I know some don’t understand me and that’s okay but I’m me and I like me and I do understand why I am like I am. I know the “backstories” to my rants and vents and sometimes, that is all that is needed to open my eyes to the sheer amount of good that surrounds me. I write these things down in order to release them from my soul. Harsh words,anger, secrets grow more powerful hidden away and only lose their power when brought out in the light . Saying something just to hurt or cause sadness is wrong but so is allowing a hurt to fester and grow when open, honest discussion can lance it and heal the pain.Misunderstandings are a part of life but if we talk about them, we can fix the wrong and reap the reward of understanding. I had someone I loved very much think that I was mad at them because I hadn’t called them  but it wasn’t anger, it was almost overwhelming sadness  because I knew what was coming and didn’t want to share my pain and cause more but I did anyway because I wasn’t open and honest. We are human and prone to mistakes and sometimes I am so very human but I love  with all my heart.

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