I close my eyes to dream

Image I close my eyes to dream

And dream of possibilities beyond my wildest imagination

Of worlds far beyond what  my eyes can see 

 Or fingertips touch

Fantastic beings made of  light and thought

Whole galaxies whirling through time untouched by hate

Fierce battles fought only in the mind

Leaving open the option of a second thought

I dream of a being far greater than my mind can encompass

And endless time to create and destroy and recreate from the ashes

Oh, the sheer joy of a subconscious mind with no barriers in place to confine or restrict

No unjust man made rules or petty jealousies,to keep down those possibilities

No greed or judgmental tolerance to take away the joy  of creation

Oh to be that child again and  dream of the best that is to come

And not the worst that came


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