” well, you see, it was like this…”

ImageAnd he might have been telling a tale or maybe he was just being super cute that day.Even I can’t remember precisely what prompted this pose  but it really doesn’t matter in the long run. It’s the hands on the hips, the tilt of his body and the expression on his face that warm my heart and make realize that life, as messy and painful and stressful as it has been for some lately ,is still pretty good. Some , may roll their eyes or huff and puff about how wrong I am and make no mistake, the events of last week affected me greatly, especially my sleep patterns but it’s not the first bad week in history, it’s not the even the first bad week since the beginning of time. Doesn’t take away from the overwhelming horror of the victims of the tragedy and the surviving members of their families but they are not the first. Someone once made the statement about how history was as dry as dust. Really? Seriously? Dry? Obviously this person either never had a really good history teacher or neglected to do a little investigation into their own family’s history or even read a few non fiction books because pretty much all those historic figures we read about in class ,still have family members living today and I find that fascinating. My little guy above can trace his background a long ways back and probably find a few quirky ancestors and interesting tales and ,of course, some heartbreaking ones as well. That is the way life is,it’s messy and one can pass all the laws and rules and prohibitions one wants but since we’re human,at least most of us are, things happen. The thing to remember ,and this so applies to me as well, is to overcome the bad, remember the good and celebrate the joy . Oh yes, and sometimes, just don’t take yourself too seriously,smile and remember moments like these.

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