It”s raining today

Image                                   It’s raining today and the rain has no bright  color but silver and gray but the fresh new green of spring and the occasional spot of color provided by the spring flowers keeps it from being a totally dreary day. Yesterday I sat outside among my parents and grandchildren and oldest child and enjoyed the river fabric of time. Curious phrase,”river fabric of time” , I concede  but it did seem to fit yesterday for time was flowing like a river but since we humans are not molecules of liquid gas like water, something more solid like fabric would serve as well to describe our grouping and actions of the day. The breeze was cool but felt comforting on the skin, the sounds of the kids playing as well as the timbre of my mother and father’s voices felt like the soft weave of ones favorite blanket or robe. A well woven weave will not only bring comfort to the body but will stand up to the passage of time and serve as a reminder that once we were here and so goes a well woven family. Not perfect, sometimes knotty but on the whole ,quite comforting especially during the worst of times . My “weave ” has its “flaws and knots” but the love that has been handwoven into it keeps it strong and will hopefully be the legacy left behind when the “fabric” has long been rotted away .Stone monuments may fall but love lasts forever .

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