Leaving a legacy

Image I consider these three girls, women actually, my legacy to the world at large as I actually physically brought them into the world and raised them, the best way I knew how, to adulthood. Since this picture was taken, we’ve added and subtracted people from our lives  but the addition of more grandchildren was one of the best additions. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes and I’ve made my share but these three were never nor ever to be considered a mistake! I planned for them,even to the day on which they would most likely be born which may surprise those who consider getting married at such a young age to be the result of procreating but no, I simply wanted to have children and live to successfully raise them to be successful adults and I think I have succeeded in that task. I wasn’t the perfect parent,no one is but I had a lot of good examples to follow and some of those “examples’ helped me love and nurture my babies. My mother, my grandmothers, my aunts,on both sides, provided me the skills to raise my own children by the way they treated me and with my grandmothers and aunts, their own children. We’d all like to write the classic novel that is read by millions for eons  or paint the painting that makes the museum attendee stop and gasp or stand mesmerized by the beauty and talent exhibited by the painting in front of them, and then there’s the music which stands the test of time but I consider my greatest legacy to be these three little girls for somewhere in my heart ,they are still little girls  and I thank God for letting me be blessed with the ability to leave this legacy to the world.

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