Childhood joy

ImageI miss those days, not that I don’t enjoy my life now but when i was little, like my grandson was in this picture, I could just enjoy being happy without knowing all it took for me to have this much fun. I didn’t know how much the toy cost or what the person who bought it had to do in order to earn the money so it could be bought. Did I have to have that toy in order to enjoy my life as a child? probably not because I have seen children just burst out laughing with joy with nothing in their hands,with maybe just the company of another child or a big goofy adult who loved them more than life itself! It’s been said that becoming an adult is the biggest joke played on the young because ,as youth, we want it so badly, then when we reach it, we realize being a grownup isn’t all it has been made out to be. We also realize that with adulthood, comes mountains of responsibility and, surprise surprise ,even more rules  with even greater consequences if we break them. Yes, I  miss those days when I could just feel great joy and not worry about the cost. 


ImageAh sleep,deep restful slumber that recharges our batteries and unleashes our subconscious so that we awake refreshed and ready for anything,right? I know I went to sleep last night, I even went back to sleep after an early morning bathroom trip but the lack of zip in my step concerns me just a bit, Perhaps in my dreams I am traveling just a bit too much for when I dream, my dreams are never of just lying motionless on a beach while the warm trade winds waft across my face bringing exotic scents and the salt air to my nostrils.It does seem to me that just lately , my nightly entertainments are filled with activity,Perhaps my body really believes it has been that active,too bad I can’t burn fat cells with all this activity, I’d wake much thinner ,not that that would make me happy. Healthy is one thing but I’d just as soon my skeletal system not be visible and in some of my best dreams, I’m never skinny, just happy. However satisfied the mental processes are with the nightly slumber, the body is just not getting what it needs for some reason.  Oh well, the lunch hour approaches and the little one will be fed and perhaps Nanny B will nap when he does. Enjoy the day for we never know when our last will come, à bientôt!


To court the “Muse’

ImageTo court the muse is a sometimes thankless task, even when surrounded by inspiration and wonderful technology. Today might just be one of those days, My particular “MUSE” ( capricious creature!!) delights in inspiring me during my nightly dreams but as yet, I haven’t been able to explain that I’m actually overloaded on new story ideas and just need to finish the stories I have already started but with muses, if you don’t accept the gifts gracefully, they have been known to desert one entirely and the “time-wasters” take over and before  one knows what has happened , you have built an entire town or concocted menus guaranteed to expand the posterior to enormous proportions and don’t get me started on the “monsters” !!! Perhaps , if I went back to the old way of grabbing pencil and pad of paper I would accomplish more but then I would fall into that peculiar habit of mine of editing my own story as I transcribe a few pages of notes and they magically expand into double the amount originally written before I have even finished the first page of notes. Some might say that is a good problem to have but it does tend to play havoc with my stupid hands which I am still trying to understand why they say “keep moving them or they will stiffen up” but the more I move them, the more they twinge. Oh well, i do give thanks that my muse brought me a most interesting dream and I promise her, I will jot down a few notes and one day, the “twisted but funny tale” will be told!

To drift away on the water

ImageTo drift away on the water 

Going where the current leads

Floating over rocks and aimlessly

Allowing the flow to pull you wherever 

 To never worry and wonder

About what is to come

Only concerned about the moment 

Never looking backwards or forwards

Only upwards towards the sky

Like a mindless leaf floating towards oblivion

No, give me the rough water and storms

The push to overcome the elements

The challenge to survive the storms of life

And emerge ,bent and bruised but unbowed and unbroken

Glorying in the triumph of belief

And faith in something far greater

And wiser and older than time itself