To court the “Muse’

ImageTo court the muse is a sometimes thankless task, even when surrounded by inspiration and wonderful technology. Today might just be one of those days, My particular “MUSE” ( capricious creature!!) delights in inspiring me during my nightly dreams but as yet, I haven’t been able to explain that I’m actually overloaded on new story ideas and just need to finish the stories I have already started but with muses, if you don’t accept the gifts gracefully, they have been known to desert one entirely and the “time-wasters” take over and before  one knows what has happened , you have built an entire town or concocted menus guaranteed to expand the posterior to enormous proportions and don’t get me started on the “monsters” !!! Perhaps , if I went back to the old way of grabbing pencil and pad of paper I would accomplish more but then I would fall into that peculiar habit of mine of editing my own story as I transcribe a few pages of notes and they magically expand into double the amount originally written before I have even finished the first page of notes. Some might say that is a good problem to have but it does tend to play havoc with my stupid hands which I am still trying to understand why they say “keep moving them or they will stiffen up” but the more I move them, the more they twinge. Oh well, i do give thanks that my muse brought me a most interesting dream and I promise her, I will jot down a few notes and one day, the “twisted but funny tale” will be told!

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