Childhood joy

ImageI miss those days, not that I don’t enjoy my life now but when i was little, like my grandson was in this picture, I could just enjoy being happy without knowing all it took for me to have this much fun. I didn’t know how much the toy cost or what the person who bought it had to do in order to earn the money so it could be bought. Did I have to have that toy in order to enjoy my life as a child? probably not because I have seen children just burst out laughing with joy with nothing in their hands,with maybe just the company of another child or a big goofy adult who loved them more than life itself! It’s been said that becoming an adult is the biggest joke played on the young because ,as youth, we want it so badly, then when we reach it, we realize being a grownup isn’t all it has been made out to be. We also realize that with adulthood, comes mountains of responsibility and, surprise surprise ,even more rules  with even greater consequences if we break them. Yes, I  miss those days when I could just feel great joy and not worry about the cost. 

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