River journeys and thin skin

ImageNow what could taking a leisurely journey down a lazy river have to do with having thin skin and not reacting well to criticism? Sometimes ,when I timidly offer up a paltry offering from my small body of work ,it’s not the critics who pierce the fragile skin the most ,it’s the ones who just can’t be bothered to even read it. That’s when I’d like to load a raft and take my paper and pen and float downstream till I can land on a more hospitable shore. Seems one has to publish something controversial to  get attention and there are times when ,as a writer, I had no intention  on causing strife or controversy but did anyway. My dreams are short stories my subconscious writes during my fitful slumbers and I,  from time to time, will write them down and spin a tale from the “wool ” provided. Haven’t written much lately, can’t seem to keep focused on taking my characters from beginning to end but maybe the change of the seasons will help turn my musings back into somethings with more form and substance. The thin skin?Not much I can do about it except hope that it may thicken and that my resolve to write regardless of criticism or lack of interest will strengthen. As for the river journey,maybe next year I can escape my four walls and float my self down that lazy river for real!

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