Just the random thoughts and dreams

Image I dreamed of the ocean the other night or should I say I dreamed about being beside the ocean, watching the waves come in and out. Funny thing, with my dreams, the scenes sometimes change quickly from one setting to another and just as I was getting used to being calm on the sand, I was suddenly thrust into a boarding house of some type. All around me were different types of people going about their lives and I just sat there ,listening and observing like I had been doing on the beach. I haven’t been writing a lot lately, perhaps because I haven’t been observing anything more than the view out my front window. Winter should be a very productive time for a writer,bad weather and cold air combining to keep one inside where it is warm but it seems to do the opposite to me.I spend too much time on Facebook observing my family, friends and acquaintances and I have noticed one thing, people act a lot different online sometimes than they do in person. I guess it’s the partial cover that not being face to face gives one the ability to act in a way that might make it hard to recognize the same person in public but that’s life in the technological age. maybe I’m dreaming about being by the ocean because I am so ready for the rebirth of spring and being out side with my containers of plants but at the same time, the boarding house part might be a reminder of how safe I feel inside surrounded by people. I have approximately a year and a half until the next stage of my life will start and I must use the next 18 months mapping out which direction I shall go. I so want to make a living with my writings but I fear I don’t have the discipline necessary to be a successful published author. Doesn’t mean I won’t keep writing for it is in my blood or perhaps I should say my head. I do these long rambling monologues in my head a lot and sometimes ,like today, I actually screw up the courage to do them while I am at my computer. The sky is blue and the sun is shining brightly outside my window , I took my trash to the receptacle little bit ago and just stopped for a few minutes and soaked up the sunshine. I’m ready for spring and I’m ready for change and new things,perhaps the year will bring something both new and permanent in my life but as long as time just progresses, I will be content. Carpe Diem, my friends!

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