Birds and the coming of Spring

ImageThis particular flock of birds is on the beach during the fall of that year but for the purposes of my creative writing, for today, it is spring in the photo. So many of us identify the coming of spring by the red robins that show up in our yards, hopping around looking for fat juicy worms to fill their bellies and allow them to feed their chicks when those eggs crack open and I admit to carefully looking at the birds that are showing up to land on my dogwood tree and hop around my front yard. Hoping to see the one bird that means spring is actually coming and rebirth is going to happen. So you ask, did I see my robins? Oh yes, matter of fact a very large robin landed the other day and stopped in the middle of hopping to look up at my window as if to say,”I’m here now, you can relax!” and a smile spread from ear to ear and I even teared up a bit,I was so glad to see this harbinger of spring. The crocuses are pretty but it’s the robin that warms my heart . So, seagulls on the beach or robins in the yard, crocuses poking up, what signals spring for you?

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