” What? It’s only Thursday??”

ImageYes, it is Thursday, not Friday! To add insult to injury, it has also turned colder today and for those of us who are trying to concentrate on the imminent arrival of Spring, the cooler temperatures are most annoying! I like the warmer air, the perky birds hopping around my yard. I want to see spring flowers popping out and see the populations collectively shrug off the heavy mantle of winter. We are all, I think, ready to fish without freezing, walk without bulky clothing ¬† and sit outside on our verandas and watch the kids run and play in the yard without worrying about colds and flu viruses!I’m ready to hear the “Spring Chorus” , natures band of “musicians” who seem to create those elaborate songs that one can only “hear” if one is outside surrounded by warm breezes and flora and fauna. We “hibernating bears ” are very ready to wake up and bound forth into the spring season and the promise of summer so bring on warm air and well, Friday!!!!

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