Sometimes we’re babies

Image         Sometimes ,even the most mature of us(not me, really…okay, me too!), are prone to the “inner child” or in my case,”big baby” syndrome. You understand, the times when the reasonable,logical mature adult hears something  or a word and  all of a sudden, here comes the “big baby” !Cute as a button when they’re feeling secure like my daughter in the picture above with my arms wrapped around her but let something startle or scare them and oh boy, does mama have some comforting to do! In my particular case, I heard a “word” and here comes”BIG BABY BRENDA” in all her illogical glory,squawling like a baby, reacting to the word instead of just grabbing the pacifier or blankie and rolling over in the crib. I did manage to control my “inner baby” long enough to do some research and ask a few questions and get some knowledge  and that helped immensely. Then I gave up and went to bed and “BBB” took over, trust the “baby” to come up with “The Shady Rest Hotel” and that cast of “Petticoat Junction” ,along with my family in the dream to both freak me out and in the end,comfort me. I still woke up when the train whistle blew,both in real life and the dream, before “Kate” Bea Benaderet, could finish explaining about the super heavy ,multi chained gold necklace hanging on a hook by the door but since I woke up feeler better after the dream, I took it to be a positive note. Nothing lasts forever, babies grow up and have babies and things change so “Carpe Diem” seize the day or in my case, seize the opportunity and tell those you love , “I love you!” and enjoy !


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