Generations and the passage of time

ImageIt’s not a professional photo by any means, wasn’t meant to be. Just a snapshot of three people whom I love very much, a memory to ,one day, be brought out and and bring a smile to a face at how cute  the baby is and how much love comes across in both the arms of her great grandmother wrapped around her waist and on the face of her great grandfather as he gazes over at her. The joy in her face,well, most likely she sees her mommy or she could just be happy to be sitting in my mother’s lap , I used to enjoy doing that too, as I recall ,it was a pretty nice place to be. I have one photo of myself as a little girl, sitting happily holding my bunny rabbit ,not in the lap but smiling as well at my mother who took the picture. There are quite a few photographers, both amateur and professional in my family and for some of us ,it is a way to honor the generations and to mark the passage of time for time passes. The older I become, the faster it goes but that is just the way it and has always been. I have so many photographic memories , some I have taken and some my granddaddy took during his lifetime and a few my mother snapped . Just lately I have been tending to look more at pictures  and noticing details that perhaps I’ve missed before because I was  concentrating on the big picture  and not the small details but the contrast between the youth of my granddaughter and my parents  advanced age  somehow comforts me because I know that one day ,she will be my age and retrieve this  memory and  see the same thing I do, just love , love in the big picture and in the small details  and that keeps me glad time does pass. 


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