Dreams in parallel

ImageOh, I did not want to wake up from my dream this morning! Yes, having “Boy George “(the singer) jump up on my  custom golf cart was a bit unsettling but ,in my dream, once I talked to him and realized he was just trying to survive and pay the bills just like me, I didn’t have him deported from my island. Isn’t it funny, how in dreams, nothing hurts and stage fright melts and so do the pounds, years and fears! I could sing and it sounded strong and sure and I could look people in the eye and just smile. Oh, there’s a lot more to the dream than just that but the meaning of my dream that I awoke with was “perception of truth”. It’s different , truth is,depending on ones perception of what  information their senses gather . A child sees the white coat and feels the pain and cowers, a teenager sees the white coat and grumbles but endures and an adult ,well they remember both and wish they didn’t have to take the medicine but it’s not the fault of the white coat so they smile and converse and carry on. The “truth”? All three went through the same procedure but their “truth” was colored by their perception due to age. Oh I am sure ,someone will say, ” The truth is the truth no matter what”  but to a baby, a doctor trying to help isn’t always perceived as such but the grownup “child” looks back and sees the “truth” as it really was. At any rate it was  another entertaining and enlightening  dream  and my morning coffee is hot and tasty and  I have written yet one more little blog and spring is almost here and I am happy this morning so , smile people, it will be okay.

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