Down in the valley

ImageThis was during the fall of that year but it was most assuredly down in the valley. Down , the word itself ,sometimes has a negative connotation but the valley floor with the river flowing through it is quite beautiful and that is a positive thing. On the mountain top  ,some might think that everything is positive and fresh but sometimes being on the top just means one is closer to the lightning  when it strikes because it does seek the highest point to enter the ground below. What I have come to understand is that no matter whether one is up top or down below, good and bad happens to both. The old saying that grass is always greener on the other side  doesn’t always tell the whole story. yes, it might be greener on the other farmer’s fields or neighbors expansive lawns but that could be artificial turf or green spray paint ,looks good from the other side but hop the fence and yuck, it was all a facade . That also can mean those on that side look over and see the brown and think those people have no worries,no “facade/reputation ” to uphold  and that also would be in error because being poor is no guarantee of true happiness either. Be happy on the mountain top or down in the valley, because if you can’t ever be satisfied where you are at the moment and keep putting it off till you acquire this or get rid of all that, nothing will ever make you happy. So, today ,and I am talking to myself too, let’s find the happiness where we are and just smile, it will be okay!! Good morning!


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