It’s Friday!

ImageWe made it!The dirty dishes are still in the sink,the laundry is still in the basket but it’s Friday and the weekend promises to be a lot nicer than yesterday so smile ! Oh, okay, so my smile is not as perky as his but still I’m trying. I’m only on my first cup of coffee so let’s give the caffeine time to work its magic and  make me bubbly and upbeat,from Eeyore to Tigger  in just one pot. Listening to the morning news,  a song fragment passed through my head, “same song,second verse”  and now I can’t help but agree. Nothing new under the sun today,just the same old scarecrow with a fancy new set of overalls but it’s Friday and little man is smiling and happy and my coffee is nice and strong and by golly, I get to see someone this weekend I need to hug and tell them I love them and might not be a bad idea for anyone who reads this to ,if nothing else,take away from it this   .Since time began, things have changed on a dime and today is no different so choose to do something good and nice and positive to someone you love or just someone who looks like they might need a smile or a helping hand,it won’t hurt and it just might make a difference. If it doesn’t,take heart , there will be another chance . Good morning!


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