Oh boy! It’s Monday.. Again!

ImageYes, it’s Monday and  the cycle starts all over again just like always.I took the weekend off and spent some time with my parents and a few grandchildren ,made some memories, had some laughs and shed a few tears. It’s been said that time speeds up when one grows older and I do believe it is true. Certainly, it has sped up when it comes to the amount of time I have left to enjoy the blessings that I call my parents.No one is perfect and my parents aren’t either but they got pretty close to winning the award for being the best parents anyone could ask for. The more time goes by and the more milestones in life that I reach and look back at, the more I come to understand just how remarkable my parents have been in my life.I have never really thought my life was that interesting but when one sits around and reminisces about childhood memories, well, running away from home at 18 months and being found ,marching through the cotton fields singing “Standing on the Promises” , proves to be quite a tale.  I am going to endeavor to pile up more of these memory making weekends so that when the chance is no longer there, I can take them out and remember and smile and smiling is much more preferable to tears! Good morning ,it’s Monday!


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