Looking forward to the green!

ImageWhile my eyes and sinuses are not as enthusiastic about the coming of spring because of the pollen, my soul needs renewal and an infusion of hope and spring seems to always do just that. Mother nature uses winter to rest but it’s time for the lady to get back to work and create those natural artworks she is so famous for. The differing shades of green,for example, never cease to amaze me. When I get to walk out in the woodland, I notice how even if the only color is green, there are greens of many colors,from a pale pistachio to a dark hunter. The graceful leaves and branches of the weeping willow lend themselves well to charting the advance of spring ,the new leaves emerging in the palest of shades and the deepening color as the season passes and slide into the heat of summer.  It is March so in this month, those of us with Irish blood and even those without celebrate wearing a lot of emerald green  and in my opinion,that too is a celebration of the coming of spring so today, before the rain comes tomorrow, get out and rejoice that green is coming back and spring is here!


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