It matters to me!

ImageTo some, the young soldier means nothing. A reminder of a war that tore families apart and cost countless lives,some might ,due to his uniform, throw figurative “stones” at him  and say that his death was due him but it wasn’t. He’s family,he and I both have the same blood ,mine does run through my body and his has  long been spilled and his bones lie resting in the state of Alabama but knowing my family’s history and abundance of love,caring and compassion, most likely, he fought for something that meant more than money. We all too often look at the “PC banner” flown arrogantly above causes and forget that even good causes can be corrupted and taken over by those who have figured out a way to line their own pockets at the expense of the masses.I look in those eyes and see a man who loved his family and his country and most likely would have much rather stayed home and taken care of them but marched forth to fight in a war that should not have been but since it only takes two people to start a fight was already long in the making before he was even born.Our soldiers today fight bravely and in somewhat better conditions than T.J Eubanks did( protective armor and better battlefield medicine) but war is still hell ,even for the victors. I wish we didn’t have to send our brave men and women to war but the causes of conflict aren’t going to go away ,so we owe it to them to love ,support and care for them and show them that it does matter, their willingness to serve and ,in some cases,like my great several times over uncle,sacrifice of life means a lot to those of us who can’t serve. I do hate war but am practical enough to know that until evil is defeated and conflict no longer holds sway ,we will always have reminders like the photograph of lives lost in war. So, to my relatives and friends and others who have given the ultimate gift, I say thank you and to those who made it back alive, I love you and thank you for your bravery as well. 


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