To have his joy for life

Image Believe me, he was having a great time that day, I took the picture in mid laugh. He is a typical toddler and yes, tantrums or fit pitching ,does happen but this day and at this time ,he was laughing and it made me laugh. True joyful laughter can have that effect on the lucky people around the person who has such a joy for life at that moment that they laugh out loud. I love hearing him laugh or chuckle but then, I love hearing anybody laugh as long as it is not at the expense of others or mean spirited in origin. This little guy and other little happy beings that I am blessed with in my life,show such a joy for life at times,that I wish I could “bottle it” and on sad gray days, open up an economy sized bottle and share with the world.  Not enough people nowadays seem to have the type of laughter  or “joy for life” and I believe that is part of why we are all stressed out and letting our lives leach the joy from our souls. It’s been a rough winter but it will soon be over and spring ,for some of us, is here so go out into the sunshine today and find some laughter and renew that tired soul!


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