To cast a line



         and catch a fish is what all people who fish say is their primary goal. After all the sudden quick pull on the line, the careful tug to set the hook firmly, the struggle to get the fish into the net, is thrilling. The thing is though, with some, it’s not so much the catch as being outside,either on the bank or if one is blessed, in a boat on the water. There are many benefits to being a fisherman or fisherwoman, it teaches many skills like baiting ones own hook or filleting a fish ,even the art of successfully putting line on a rod but the benefit or skill I most crave is the patience learned  and needed to land that fish. Being in a hurry or rush while fishing will only cause frustration and most often send one home with an empty live well or creel. When one acquires this patience, one is also able to absorb the peace and contentment that a good day on the water can bring and that is indeed a precious gift in this day and time. So, if you are able to go fishing, go, cast a line, sit and wait and be content. Good morning!


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