The child inside


       Even the child inside is dragging today.Waking from a sound sleep for reasons I’ll not go into in the wee small hours of the night,has resulted in a start to the first day of spring that is less than perky and sparkling. In fact, right now before the coffee has a chance to work its magic, I bear a surprising resemblance to Eeyore in more ways than one. However I am fighting against the sad sack and energy-less persona and am determined to greet Spring with a smile like the one I bore on that day so very long ago. Yes, that’s me, mugging for my mom and her camera and if one looks carefully at the old photo , you can pick out the daffodils lined up in a row behind me so we know it was snapped in the spring of that year. Hard to see color in a black and white photograph but one can tell the grass on which I am sitting is green and after the winter, green is such a welcome color. The grays and browns of winter are necessary for nature during its winter rest but the child inside rejoices at the return of the green shades of spring and the promise of the sun and fun of summer. Winter isn’t loosening its frigid grasp on parts of this country but take heart my frozen Yankee friends, it will give up soon and you too will be frolicking in the warm Spring sunshine like a child. The worries and stresses of the winter will ,hopefully, slip away and the renewal of spring will bring joy and relaxation to us all. Let the child inside take over and enjoy the life one has been given(hush Eeyore, I  have almost finished the first cup of coffee and my perkiness is returning!), it is the first day of Spring!! Good morning!!


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