Monday came anyway



       I did my best. I slept and piddled around and played with the grandchildren and did what I could to extend the weekend but Monday came around again anyway.Not that Monday is quite so bad for me as my “job” is pretty cute when he wants to be  and generally speaking, I tend to miss him on weekends but it was nice to wake up when I wanted to and to take those nice long naps on my bed. I could slumber on the bed when he’s here but my snores can sometimes wake the dead so I dare not risk it once I have him down for a nap. The darned cold has snuck back in with Monday which doesn’t please me but the greening up of the view out my window does,now if we can just avoid freezing off those tender new shoot and beautiful flowers  but hopefully that won’t happen.Now to prepare my coffee and start my day and my week so good morning!


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