And just like that,it’s Tuesday!


 One day closer to Friday and we now have Monday behind us with a brand new day stretching before us full of possibilities.I’ve heard this kind of sentiment all my life, to regard ones life as new and open to anything just like a young child does.They do, it falls to those around them to take that unbiased way of looking at the world around them away and some of us are all too happy to disabuse them of the optimism they are born with. Mostly to protect them ,for there are people just waiting to rend and tear that fresh view of life to pieces and we want them to be prepared just a bit so as to limit the emotional damage if nothing else but some go farther, as if the bright shining face of innocence hurts their eyes and shrivels their warped soul and they have to blot it out,to dim that light and cause their world to be a little darker. I believe we need more light and more youthful exuberance like my grandson in the picture, more joy in life ,more happiness in being loved and more optimism about the adventures that await one in the world.It’s getting rather crazy out there ,the again, it really always has been but we just didn’t know about it but as for me, I will attempt to face life with the spirit of a child because let;’s face it, old and grumpy just isn’t a pretty sight! Good morning!


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