The cold is back!


 Luckily, this is not how it looks out my window this morning! The few flakes that might have showed their frosty faces in my neighborhood yesterday tucked tail and ran when I looked in their direction with my “eyes of flame”! Winter is banished from my neck of the woods. I have had enough of the cranky old dude Old Man Winter and have told him to leave and not come back til December or i will move “Boober” in next to him! He cried and begged to be  shown mercy for the last time he ticked me off, I fixed him up with that “Talentless Swift’ person . His therapist said he should be back to normal in a thousand years or so….However , the brilliant and bright sun has returned and is working his hardest to warm things back up and has assured me that things will be back to normal by the weekend,bless his hot little heart!It was really hard to climb out of my warm little nest in my bed this morning but I managed and so far my day has gone fairly well so, it is the camel day and sunny and warm air is returning so all is right and wonderful n my little world! Good morning!


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